Visiting Eataly New York


Tempting Delights at Eataly NYCBack in October 2010, I had the chance to spend an afternoon visiting New York City’s Eataly, the mega, almost Disneyland-ish Italian food marketplace. I know Eataly was getting a lot of criticism at the time from those complaining about its confusing layout (true), high prices (true), and somewhat cold and sterile atmosphere (also true). However, I can’t deny it was a delight as well – just simply getting to gawk at all those wonderful Italian food products, beautiful meats and vegetables, sitting in the “Piazza” for a time with a good glass of wine and an exceptional charcuterie plate. I would love to go back sometime soon and be able to actually do some shopping or try one of the restaurants on the premises; at the time I was in a rush and had a concert to go to at Madison Square Garden that night, so it wasn’t a good time to be buying and carrying out a lot of food for later.

I’ve created a little Welcome to Eataly lens on Squidoo which I hope to keep updated with more information and links related to Eataly, especially once I’ve had the chance to revisit.

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