Need Great Italian Recipes? Check out my Top 10 List of Italian Cookbooks


I’m almost embarassed to admit this picture here represents a mere fraction of my cookbook library – and just a fraction of my Italian cookbooks at that. There are so many Italian cookbooks out there it can be virtually impossible to know where to start, so a lot of people just reach for titles by the big name TV celebrity chefs like Giada, Lidia, Mario, Jamie et al. Truthfully I don’t think many of them are nearly as good as some of the lesser-known Italian cookbooks out there. Lots of Italian cookbooks have plenty of pretty pictures to look at, but how many make you want to start cooking? And end up giving you great results?

Based on my years in the kitchen, I’ve put together a list of my Top 10 Favorite Italian Cookbooks. These are all books I’ve used recipes from repeatedly and found delicious and not too difficult to prepare at home.

Are any of these books on your shelf? What are your favorite Italian cookbooks? Which ones would be on your Top 10 list?

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