Yes, another food blog. Why? Well, let me tell you…


While there are quite a few back-dated entries here, this is my first 100% new, original entry for “South Jersey Foodie.” Why did I start this blog? For a number of reasons I’ll explain here and now.

First, I love food. I always have. Sometimes I’ve loved food a little too much and as a result I’ve had many up and down struggles with my weight. But this is going to be far from a diet or weight-loss blog (although I may discuss some of my thoughts and experiences with my weight from time to time.) But I have always been someone who lives to eat instead of eats to live. And as food plays such an important role in my daily life, it’s something I love to talk and write about as well.

Annibale Carracci: "The Beaneater"Home cooking is a passion. I honestly get up every morning and one of the first things I think about is what I’m going to cook for dinner that night. When my fiance and I were searching for our new home, the first room that had to pass my approval test was the kitchen; if I couldn’t see myself cooking in it? It wasn’t worth us looking at the rest of the house. He calls the kitchen “Nicole’s Laboratory” for good reason.

I also enjoy eating out, everywhere from old fashioned Jersey diners to trendy hot spots. I lived in Philadelphia for 16 years before moving to a nearby area of rural Gloucester County, New Jersey. I still get in to the city regularly and try to make it a point to enjoy a good meal there every time I do. When traveling, finding the best restaurants to try out is a necessity. Whether in Italy or the Caribbean or downtown Atlanta, Georgia, I want to find the most delicious food I can put in my mouth – not where the tourists are eating, but where the “locals” know to go.

What you can expect to find here are all of my food related musings, thoughts and occasional recipes. I’ve written quite a few restaurant reviews and food-related articles in the past, which I am currently working on linking up here and categorizing for easy searching. In the future those reviews are likely to mostly be directly posted here instead. The regional emphasis will definitely be on South Jersey and the nearby area, but will cover anywhere else my stomach leads me as well.

A final note: I actually kind of dislike the term “foodie” but when trying to come up with a catchy title for this blog it was the best one I could find. I’m not a gourmet chef; I’m not a food snob. I just like good food, plain and simple, and by today’s standards and definitions that makes me a “foodie.” So I guess I’ll just have to learn to live with and embrace the title.

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4 Responses to Yes, another food blog. Why? Well, let me tell you…

  1. Look forward to reading your posts!

  2. hungry already.

  3. Like you I love food and I also suffer from being brought up to never leave anything on my place, so weight is a problem for me.

    I love many kinds of food, from the good old fashioned home cooking that I grew up with in England, to American home cooking, and ethnic foods from pretty much everywhere.

    I have traveled a lot for work in Central and South America and the Caribbean, and just love rice and beans, peas and rice or whatever it’s called, plus the myriad of other wonderful dishes that you find, full of exotic ingredients like chilies, plantains and the like.

    I love fresh vegetables, and although I love my meat, I enjoy eating vegetarian dishes too.

    The only things you won’t find me eating are mushrooms, and crab/lobster – not a fan of shellfish.

  4. Came across your blog on foodie blogroll. New Follower!

    – Jessica

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