Top 5 Sushi Bars and Restaurants Near Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Lunch sashimi at Numa in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.Mmmm…sushi. One of my favorite foods in the world.

Sadly Philly is just not the best sushi town. I don’t know why. I can get better sushi, in general, in rural New Jersey than in Philadelphia. Maybe I was spoiled by sushi in New York when I was growing up, and in San Francisco when I had the chance to visit friends who lived there.

Nevertheless there are some places to get decent sushi in Philly, and these are the best bets (so far) in the Rittenhouse Square area for sushi. There have been a few new “to-go” and take-out places opened recently I need to check out to see how they compare. I plan to write a full review of Zama especially, as soon as I get the chance for a few more return visits.

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