Healthy Greens and Satisfying Grains: 5 Fabulous Winter Salads


  Escarole Salad with Warm Pancetta DressingI’m not a big fan of the winter. I hate the cold weather and I also hate the dearth of fresh, summer and fall vegetables.

But when faced with a challenge, I realized there are some tasty and nutritious salads you can focus on during the cold weather months. Hearty vegetables and warming grains make the basis of most of these dishes, some of which are filling enough to make a light meal, not just a side dish.

Check out my 5 Winter Salad Ideas for ways to make the most of what you can still find on the supermarket shelves in the months when the farmstands are closed for the season. These are healthy as well as tasty recipes, all ones I’ve tested and refined in my own kitchen.

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