Review: River Winds, West Deptford NJ


Stuffed Mushrooms at the River Winds RestaurantThe River Winds was a much anticipated and long-delayed project in West Deptford, New Jersey. But after a somewhat rocky start, the restaurant at the River Winds seems to have found its groove. My River Winds review was based on several visits for holiday luncheons, and later I also attended a special function there which was excellently handled and quite reasonably priced given the quality of the food. I would absolutely recommend the River Winds for anyone looking for special event or fine dining in South Jersey.

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3 Responses to Review: River Winds, West Deptford NJ

  1. Almost 2 thumbs down. Given the fairly pricey menu you would expect a fairly well prepared and presented meal. No so. We dined at River Winds for the first time yesterday and it was very disappointing.

    Surf & Turf: Lobster was barely warm and it was dried out as though old or left on a counter too long. Petit filet mignon though tender was devoid of taste. To compensate it was coated in a reduction sauce. The potato had a large black spot inside. We sent the whole meal back and pointed out the potato. When it returned it had been microwaved and the same blighted spud was still there.

    My dish, the sea bass, was acceptable and the rabe was good but that was on a bed of cool rice on a cold plate. How uncaring and unconcerned!

    Wines by the glass have the effect of pushing you to bottles even if only a glass is wanted. They focus on white zin.

    I highly recommend avoidance. Try La Mezzaluna in Princeton if you want a real treat (and at half the cost) or Christines near Oxford Valley Mall in Pennsy.

  2. Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. Granted my first meal there had some hits and misses but since then I have always found it consistent, and with no pressure at all to buy wine by the bottle (and they had one of my favorite Pinot Noirs available reasonably by the glass last time I went, along with a large selection of other acceptable by-the-glass selections at prices I considered fair, at least as someone recently moved to the area from Philly.) White zin is popular in this area, I have to admit even though I don’t like it myself, yet I always found plenty of other quality selections available at RiverWinds.

    That said I have not been for dinner service, only lunch and special event dining. But I’d still happily go back for either, personally.

  3. Also, I have to wonder what a restaurant in Princeton, 45 miles (and at least an hour away) has to do with a review of Riverwinds? If someone is looking for finer dining in the Deptford area, there are plenty of other closer choices…like, say, in Philadelphia to start.

    Not looking to start an argument but just genuinely curious what the connection is. Oxford Valley Mall is similarly much farther away than Philly and other destinations in the South Jersey-to-Philly area.

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