Review: Eastern Garden Restaurant in Sussex, New Jersey


Specialty maki roll at Eastern Garden Restaurant in Sussex, New JerseyHow do I love Eastern Garden restaurant? Oh, let me count the ways.

You wouldn’t expect to find a really stellar Asian restaurant in the middle of nowhere in farm country, New Jersey. Yet I have to say Eastern Garden makes some of the best sushi, Japanese, and Chinese food I’ve found anywhere on the East Coast. It certainly puts some of the restaurants in Philadelphia to shame with the freshness of its sushi and light, fresh touch with cooked food presentations. Their specialty rolls are beautiful AND tasty, not over-drowned in sauces and their traditional maki holds up well to the competition. It’s BYOB and the service is wonderful, especially once you’ve become a bit of a regular and they know you’re serious about your food – and your sushi.

Please read my detailed review of Eastern Garden restaurant for more information on this wonderful establishment. They’re seriously one of my favorite restaurants, anywhere, right now and I can’t visit the area without having to go there. Yum!

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